My name is Sven Baidenmann. I've been a Portland area resident for over 50 years. Most of my experience has been in the field of Graphic Design and Marketing. I have considerable experience in retail management, ownership, and store construction as well.

With over 30 years experience in the graphic arts I've designed for hundreds of clients in many different kinds of businesses. That means I understand the diverse needs they have in communicating. Chances are pretty good I have the background and skills to meet your specific needs.


   • Graphic Design

     • Brand Development

       • Copy Writing

         • Commercial Printing

           • Marketing Communications

             • Guerrilla Marketing

               • Product Development

                 • Sign Manufacturing

                   • Trade Show Graphics


Take a look at my portfolio. Even though some of it was produced many years ago, it's here to demonstrate that I know a thing or two about graphic design. If you see something you like, please get in touch and lets talk about what I can do for you.

Project Management

Quickly sizing up the project and setting it on the best track for implementation, while working within the your budget constraints and target audience.


Creative and Art Direction

"Creative" means many things. The real question is: "What's it going to take to communicate your message in the best way to achieve the desired response?"


Graphic Design

Once the creative direction is well established, it's time to use the right tools for the job. I use the most current software version of the industry standard for computer design.


Copy Writing

The words used in marketing communications are critically important. Graphics help capture attention but without captivating text, you stand the risk of losing your audience.



Well over 75% of the photography seen in my portfolio are of my own work. Much of it before the rise of digital photography.



Clip art is great for quick, low budget projects and I use it...  rarely. However, there's no substitute for hand rendered illustrations to make a design that's uniquely yours.


Production Management

I have several years of hands-on print shop management experience. I've run presses of all kinds. Most of the samples in my portfolio are of projects that I produced from concept to delivery.



Please take a look at my PORTFOLIO.

Almost every project you'll see utilized all of my skills. In addition to the concepts and graphic design, I also shot most of the photographs, produced the illustrations, wrote the copy, and even ran the printing press on which they were produced.


Because I don't need to outsource these services,

my clients save a ton of money.


in 30 Seconds


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